Saturday, January 31, 2004

What's new is that it's visible now that we can inform each other without relying on them.

Dave Winer writes:
Over the last couple of weeks a process that was formerly hidden became visible, as the powers of television, radio and print decide which candidate they want to run against George Bush in the fall. Doc Searls famously told of the role developers and users play in the design of Apple computers. ("The influence of developer will be minimal. The influence of customers and users will be held in even higher contempt.") It seems the role for voters is similar. Chris Lydon tells of a story that was snuffed during the Carter run to the Democratic nomination in 1976. "I have been unable to discover that you believe in anything other than yourself," said Carter aide Bob Shrum of Carter, on the record and for attribution. But the editors of the NY Times refused to risk exposing Carter.
Oh yes we can can.

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