Saturday, January 31, 2004

Lighten up, Curtatone

Ravi Jain got his letter to the editor into today's Globe:
AS A FORMER resident of Somerville, I was pleased to hear that Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone has agreed to forgive fines for the inane towing and ticketing that accompanied the "faux snow" emergency of Jan. 27 and 28 ("Somerville retracts its no-snow tow," City & Region, Jan. 30). However, his comment that "we're going to grant -- one time, one time only -- amnesty on all tickets given as a result of not following these snow emergency policies" smacks of schoolmarmery. Curtatone should strive to exert the qualities of a mayor in his actions and words, not those of a bully.
Ravi has a way with words.

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