Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Iowa Caucuses: Speech Review

Dean - "It's not over until we decide it is!"
- Howard wins the "John Belushi look and sound-a-like" award for giving a speech that will put off a lot of people. [ Dean .mp3 ] [ Belushi .wav ]
- It was so un-presidential that it was scary.
- Dean became the wild and crazy frat member that needs to be put to bed.

Kerry - "And finally."
- Hey John, when you say "And Finally," please end the speech already.
- You were looking very good.
- Nice points were made in the speech and that win will help you out a lot.
- It was the first time in the campaign that I paid attention to what you were saying.
- Kerry - "If I win." Crowd - "When. When. When." Kerry - "Ok, When I Win."

Edwards - He's now in the race.
- Great speaker and always has nice hair.

Gephardt - He's now out of the race.
- Good speaker and always has nice hair.

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