Saturday, January 31, 2004

One of those people from Citizen's Bank just called me!

You know those Citizens Bank commercials where the people from the bank carry an old lady's groceries to her house, and they go through a car wash, and they keep the bank open late?

The commercials are supposed to show that each person you deal with at Citizens Bank IS Citizens Bank.

So I've been trying to get my ATM card working for the past few days with no luck. Finally I just got off the phone with a telephone rep who told me that it would be active in 5 minutes. She had to have Heather in the Tech department take care of it.

Well, five minutes later I got a call from Heather, who just wanted to let me know that the card would not be activated today, and that it had to wait until Monday, because of technical issues. She gets in at 5:00 and is going to have her manager, who gets in at 11:00, activate my card and give me a call when it's done.

At that moment, while I was listening to her, I realized that Heather WAS Citizens Bank. She cared enough to make a call to let me know the status, even though it was bad news.

So Heather, I tip my hat to you and when your manager calls me on Monday morning, I'm going to tell her that you deserve a raise. Maybe they'll even put you on TV!

The Citizens Credo.
Treat the customer the way you would love to be treated all the time.

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