Thursday, January 29, 2004

Setting up an online store: Miva with Verisign or PayPal?

I'm looking into Interland Web Hosting online store options for a client.

They already have their hosting with Interland.

Trying to decide between two options:

blueHALO B300 $59.95/month.

With that solution they use VeriSign and the customer never leaves the site to make a purchase.

Here are two examples of sites that they host:

There is an option to use PayPal, for credit card processing, that's cheaper:

blueHALO B200

I'm not sure if PayPal still makes non-PayPal credit card purchasers sign up for PayPal before making a purchase.

Some people feel that it's an impediment to doing business to make them sign up for PayPal.

Both solutions use Miva for the storefront.

Is there a Mac OS X standalone or web based PayPal store creator.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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