Sunday, January 25, 2004

Mr. Monk

Nice review of the most recent episode of Monk at
There was also Monk, which debuted last week. Adrian Monk is a neurotic, obsessive compulsive detective. This time around his brother was introduced for the first time.

The real clincher to a great episode, though, is when Ambrose Monk does not leave his house even as it is burning. Adrian gets there in time and runs in to save his brother. Not easy for a man who has to have his hands wiped after shaking hands.

For long-time watchers of the show it says something else, as well.

Another running plot thread is Monk's attempt to show that he can be a police detective again, instead of a police consultant. In previous episodes his former boss, though awed at his inductive talents, has testified against him in status hearings.

Here we are shown what has been his drawback all along can be overcome. He can be relied on to save a life.

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