Friday, January 16, 2004

Everybody's Talking About The Apprentice

Next week on The Apprentice
The girls win a trip to Vegas and Omarosa loses it when someone suggests blackjack.
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The Pot Calling The Kettle Black: Defined
A stupid definition:
The pot and the kettle are like old friends who have turned black with time; the pot only sees the black ness which is on the kettle ; he doesn't see the black on himself
A better definition:
But when we looked more closely, we learned the allusion comes from a black iron pot and a polished copper kettle. The way the story goes, the black pot would see its own dark reflection in the sheen of the copper kettle and then charge the innocent, shiny kettle with having its own characteristic color.
Marquis Jet Card Program.

Boston's Marquis Jet lands priceless promotion.
Despite not paying NBC for prime-time exposure, getting the show done wasn't entirely free for Marquis. In addition to the months that Allard spent negotiating the terms of the deal with NBC, the company also had to arrange for two hangars at a small airport in White Plains, N.Y., to be closed for two days, and to station several of its planes there to make shooting of the show possible. Pilots had to be available as well.
Oh, oh.

Omarosa has a Flash website.

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