Saturday, January 24, 2004

Have Blogs Gotten Their Own TV Show?

The new VH1 show Best Week Ever has it's own blog.
The series will feature comics, actors and musicians providing their provocative, amusing and slightly twisted takes on the high (and low) points of the big and small stories of the week.
The cast features a who's who of unknown comedians.

It's on every Friday night at 11:00. Oops. Missed it. But it's being repeated 10 times over the next 4 days starting today at 11:30.

The show features all kinds of crazy bloggable stuff:
American Idol Premieres, State of the Union/Space is Hot, Iowa Caucus, Still Married: Trista and Ryan, Rock On...Wesley Clark, The Apprentice, and the Britney Video Premiere.
Maybe blogs and bloggers haven't gotten their own TV show, but it sounds like the content has.

My Uncle Grambo says he's seen a sneak peek and that it's FUNNY.

Setting my TiVo... now.
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