Friday, January 09, 2004

An Open Letter to Todd Gross - 7News Chief Meteorologist

Hi Todd,
I think I heard you say that wind chill is equal to temperature minus wind speed.

After I looked it up here,, it seems like your formula doesn't match.

Why is that?

Also, if I'm reading the chart correctly it looks like the Patriots and their fans will be frostbitten within 30 minutes.

How can they still play the game?

It's 1 degree right now!

Red Cross Tips:
Don't wear baseball caps. "Most of your heat is lost through your head. It is important to cover your head and ears in such cold weather."

"Keep your mouth covered with a jacket or scarf to protect your lungs from extreme cold."

"Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol."
Mmm... no beer?

Todd Gross Replies
From: Todd Gross
Date: Fri Jan 9, 2004 1:37:53 PM America/New_York
To: Steve Garfield
Subject: Re: wind chill

Rule of thumb.. works out very very close
... it said rule of thumb on the graphic, but for the first time since I've been doing it.. I forgot to mention it is as approximation on the air.

this is in regards to the new wind chill chart which you selected of course, the old chart was closer to temp - 1.5 wind speed.

The frostbite rules don't apply to well dressed people. but how can they play with gloves?
Thanks Todd you rule!

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