Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Skiing is fun!

Went up to Loon Mountain yesterday to get some skiing in before the deep freeze.

The Bag
The day started off well, when after pulling out of the driveway we noticed that our ski bag was still on the front porch. Without that bag we wouldn't have had any gloves, hats, or scarves!

Temp Drops
The drive up was uneventful. The only excitement we had was watching the outside temperature drop as we head north.

We got kind of a late start so we ate some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the way up. These weren't your average PB&J's. They were made on Rye bread. Yum. They were the best evs.

The Gondola
Riding up on the gondola gives you a chance to meet your fellow skiiers. On one ride up we met the best kids. They were a couple of college kids.

One of the guys said, "Skiing should be free for people just like nuts are for squirrels."


He also asked his buddy where their friend Tyler Hughes was. His friend asked, "Where IS Tyler Hughes?" I was laughing at these guys. I hope that statement was an intelligent reference to The Ususal Suspects.

They were also talking about thier iPod and how sick that jacket with the iPod controls on the sleeve was.

The Snow
We had all kinds of conditions during the day. At one point, when we got off at the top of the mountain, we had huge winds and white out conditions. While skiing down, some people had taken off their skis and were walking back up the mountain! We continued down.

The conditions were amazing. It was the best day of skiing!

Going home
On the way home we stopped off at the NH State Liquor store. They had some Jerry Garcia wine there. We passed.

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