Sunday, May 01, 2005

Allowing people to park on Storrow Drive is stupid

We were expecting friends over the house last night and they called at 6:40 saying that Storrow Drive was backed up to 93 South because of a lane restriction at the Hatch Shell. They ended up getting over to our house at 7:15. A trip that normally takes 15-20 minutes took them 35!

It's the same old story. There was a Earthfest concert by WBOS going on and cars were allowed to park on the right hand travel lane. So for the convenience of approximately 100 cars, thousands are inconvenienced! This in inexcusable. Last year we all wrote letters and nothing has changed. Don't they watch Star Trek? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or something like that.

This tied up traffic, as it always does. It must have been a nightmare all earthfest day long.

BTW, the MDC is now a part of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, so we've got a new acronym to learn, DCR. I hate acronyms.

The Acting Commissioner is Stephen R. Pritchard. Maybe He'll listen to our complaints?


  1. You're telling me!!!

    When I lived in the North End, they used to pull that crap every saturday. it was nuts! How the heck that benefits the people who live in the city of Boston is beyond me... and why the concert goers can't just PAY for parking I just don't know...

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