Friday, May 27, 2005

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Akimbo Service to Feature Popular Lifestyle Programming From Videoblogger Steve Garfield.
Steve Garfield's Video Blog and The Carol and Steve Show Join Akimbo’s Growing Library of Programming.

Boston, MA., May 27, 2005 – Akimbo™ Systems, the leading video-on-demand (VOD) service delivered to consumers’ televisions has added Steve Garfield's Video Blog and The Carol and Steve Show to its growing list of mainstream video providers who give programming to the Akimbo Service.

"I'm excited to join the Akimbo lineup to provide Akimbo viewers with some examples of the type of creative and original content that videobloggers are producing," said Steve Garfield, a Boston based video producer, editor, and videoblogger.

Steve Garfield's Video Blog features a wide range of video content including Citizen Media, extended versions of his Rocketboom reports, Professional Video Editing Projects, his Mom and How To's. The Carol and Steve Show is a weekly look into the lives of Carol and Steve. Not desert island or food challenges here, just short glimpses into daily life. People seem to like it.

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  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    That's SO cool!!! Are they paying you for it?

  2. No, they aren't paying for it.

    They are showing my content on the Free For All™ tier which doesn't
    cost subscribers anything over the cost of the basic service.

    I hope that by including my vlog content on Akimbo, more people will be
    exposed to video blogging, and might even be inspired to create their
    own content.

  3. Anonymous12:10 PM

    It's great to have Steve on Akimbo... we've always envisioned this as a democratizing technology, something that permits anyone to reach an audience with video content. In our view, it really becomes mainstream when video is easy to see on the TV, not just on the PC, so that's what we set out to do.

    It's very cool to watch the Carol & Steve show on my TV, and Rocketboom... cooler still is to see the Akimbo content guide featuring the Carol & Steve Show right between the BBC and CNN alphabetically! That's democratizing of video providers... each has an equal opportunity to reach and develop an audience.

    --josh goldman
    CEO, Akimbo Systems