Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Best Man Won

Brian McGrory writes Defeating their cause:
Respected healthcare executive, Michael F. Collins, a medical doctor and a longtime university professor with a proven record in raising huge sums of money, (has been chosen to) be the next chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at Boston...

Here we go again with the race card. Here we go again with the podium-pounding, fire-breathing rhetoric from a group of minority activists who seem constantly to do their cause more harm than good...

As so often happens, Boston's minority leaders focus on an individual, rather than a cause. They would rather see a less experienced, less qualified minority candidate lead a university in which minority students invest so much hope.

In other words, it's easier to rage against small slights than seize big opportunities, which, politically incorrect as it might be to say, is what makes Alkins and Yancey so easy to dismiss.
Jeff Jacoby writes - Minorities, racism, and UMass’s choice:
The chairman of the UMass board of trustees says the choice came down to Collins’s executive experience — while Motley was a dean of student services at another university, Collins spent 10 years running a multibillion-dollar hospital network. But a vocal chorus of disgruntled Motley supporters are calling the decision racist.

Leonard Alkins of the Boston NAACP blasts it as proof ‘‘that the plexiglass ceiling is still there for people of color.’’

Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo denounces it as ‘‘a slap in the face to our children.’
Kimberly Atkins writes - Miffed mayor to stiff UMass:
Menino was slated to receive a special award for distinguished service to Boston neighborhoods at his alma mater's annual community awards breakfast this morning, which Motley will attend. But he has decided to skip it, miffed by Wilson's decision to back Tufts medical school professor Michael Collins instead of Motley.
I'm dissapointed in Felix Arroyo.

To me, it sounds like they made the best decision for our children.

Maybe another good decision would be to take a closer look at the upcoming At-Large City Councillor race?

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