Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dave ''The Geek' Winer vs. Adam ''Pretty Boy' Curry

Alex Beam writes Bickering among the 'Pod squad in today's Boston Globe:
A high-bandwidth donnybrook has exploded onto the Internet, as two successful entrepreneurs are waging a hissy war over who deserves the credit for ''podcasting,' a new technology that allows computer users to create, and to automatically download, homemade sound files. The files can be played in a car, on a PC, or -- hence the name -- on an Apple iPod. Enthusiasts call podcasting ''the radio of the future.'

In one corner: high-tech legend Dave ''The Geek' Winer, who claims to have launched the first podcasts in 2003 when he was a fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for the Internet & Society. Across the ring: Adam ''Pretty Boy' Curry, a former MTV music presenter, tabloid celebrity in Holland (don't ask), supercool helicopter pilot, and promoter extraordinaire, who just started hosting a Sirius satellite radio show devoted to podcast music, comedy sketches, commentaries, monologues, etc.
Alex has a pretty good recap of the podcasting story, but my favorite part of his article are the names.

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