Monday, May 30, 2005

Television's New Frontier

J.D. Lasica calls it Edge TV:
The other day on the Darknet blog I commented about Steve Levy's piece in Newsweek about the future of television, something I go into in great deal in Darknet. I call it Edge TV rather than IPTV (which refers to the distribution mechanism), on-demand TV (which refers to consumers' behavior) or file-serve television (the techie name for it), because Edge TV refers to the true revolutionary change in our video diet: this is television being created at the edges.
Television Reloaded - Next Frontiers -
"'Already there is more data downloaded for video over the Internet than there is for music,' says Mike Ramsay, cofounder of TiVo. 'What happens when a 14-year-old creates a BitTorrent browser that's easy to use and plugs right into your TV? You go from 500 channels to 50 million channels.' We soon may find out, as a number of open-source-inspired Internet efforts hope to open the floodgates. 'We have tools to let anyone make high-quality videos to reach millions of people,' says Tiffiniy Cheng of the Participatory Culture Foundation in Worcester, Mass. 'We'll give a channel to anyone who wants a channel.'"
I'm creating the content and putting it on all the channels.

Just waiting to get my first email from someone who's seen my video content on a TV...

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