Monday, May 23, 2005

Blogebrity: The Lame List

Blogebrity: The List

Here's an email exchange I had with the Blogebrity people.

On 5/22/05, Steve Garfield wrote:
Please add me.

If I was on the A or B list it wouldn't be lame.

Chuck Olsen is on the B list.

Eric Rice should be on the A-List too.

They replied:
Dear Blogebrity,

Congratulations! You have been chosen to be featured in our C List.

We appreciate your continued support and hope you'll display a link with pride.

Please don't be discouraged, as we index more blogs and rank them with our patented BlogebrityMeter 3000, these lists will change regularly. We encourage you to check back regularly to see your current status on Blogebrity: The List.

C list'ers: You are part of the chosen few....climbing to the upper echelon of blogville.

Best Regards,

The Blogebrity Staff
My reply:
Dear Blogebrity Staff,

Blogebrity is lame.

Your BlogebrityMeter 3000 is lame.

You demoted Chuck from the B list to the C list, added Eric Rice to the B list, and put me on the C list.

Per my previous email to you, your list is now considered lame since I am not on either the A or B list. Now, the only way you will redeem yourself will be by putting me on the A list, where I rightly belong.

Your so-called BlogebrityMeter 3000 is not transparent and bloggers don't like that. Hey, we don't even like A-Lists.

We do like being on them though.


  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Hah, outstanding. I'd email them, tell them they're lame, and ask them to add me to their list, but the fact is I'm only known in my little video corner of the Internet and by Robert Scoble (only cause I interviewed with him). Trying to change that, but I think I've got more work to do to be a "Blogebrity"!