Wednesday, May 18, 2005

MediaTuner - Watch Video Blogs and more - Rich Media RSS Aggregator/Player.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA. - May 9, 2005 - MediaTuner in partnership with Funciton Communications, announces the official launch of the World's first Rich Media RSS Aggregator and Player. MediaTuner is a web-based, next-generation Rich Internet Application (RIA), requiring no program downloads or installation. All that is required to use the application, is the latest Macromedia Flash Player, which is installed in 96% of all browsers. MediaTuner runs on either a PC or Mac and all browsers.

MediaTuner, organizes and plays Video Blogs, Podcasts, Live Video and Audio Streaming, as well as text information such as news, sports and blogs, into one easy-to-use browser interface. Utilizing the Universal MediaTuner Player, users can play, listen to,and view, up to 80 different files types, including Quicktime, Windows Media, Real, and PDFs.

David Cronshaw, President of MediaTuner, pioneered Online TV Listings in 1995. He says that this service "will revolutionalize what media content we watch, listen to and read, on the Internet. With self-publishers of compelling content such as Video Blogs and Podcasts becoming mainstream, MediaTuner allows users to organize and easily time-shift their new internet viewing and listening habits. I know that from my own personal experience, I now watch less TV, and everyday logon to watch and listen to my favorite Video Blogs and Podcasts".
Dear Media Tuner,
I just clicked on Premium Feeds and saw my feed there!


MediaTuner is different than FireANT in that you click and choose which videos you want to watch and then MediaTuner plays them for you, getting the media from the remote site.

With FireANT, the videos that you have already subscribed to are sitting there on your computer, waiting for you to view. You can also then grab the video and, if the license allows it, use it to create something new from it.

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