Thursday, May 19, 2005

Edward Barrett Needs A Blog

Madison Park writes in today's Boston Globe - If most people did this, Boston would be a better city:
"Every Wednesday morning for six years, (Edward) Barrett has shuffled into City Hall's Iannella Chamber in time for the 11:30 meeting, waved to the stenographer, and assumed his preferred spot in the top row of stadium seats.

The 68-year-old has scrutinized the council's every move, because he wants to ''get a handle on things,' and, as he put it, somebody has to keep an eye on government.

''I don't come here for fun,' Barrett said. ''All politics is local, and there's so much waste of money in city government. If most people did this, Boston would be a better city, once they see what's going on.'

Barrett writes opinion articles about terrorism and corruption and sends them to various newspapers, hoping to someday get one printed."
Dear Edward,
If more people covered local and state government AND wrote their thoughts on a blog, Boston and the State would be a better place.

Give me a call if you need help setting up a blog.

You can do it yourself over at Blogger or Universal Hub, Boston's alternative news source written by the people.

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  1. a.
    How about a city hall blog !?...

    What bloggers are writing about city hall currently?...