Saturday, May 07, 2005

Blogger Mobile Copies Flickr Sorta

Blogger Mobile:
When you send text or photos from your mobile device to they're automatically posted to your new blog page.
The new feature allows you to post text and/or photos to a new blog, that you can claim later with a token. This allows you to put the new posts onto your old blog.

The Blogger email-to-blog feature already allows you to post photos and text to your blog. I guess this is a user-friendly way of introducing mobile features to people. Once you claim your new blog, all future photos can be posted to your old blog, if you have one. ;-)

All I do is email a secret flickr email address and my cameraphone photos and text end up right on my blog.

Blogger Mobile Jingle
The best thing though about this new Blogger Mobile web page, is the Blogger Mobile Jingle [ mp3 ]!
snap a photo and tap some text, send it to blogger and we'll do the rest
I'll give it a 4. It has a catchy beat that you can dance to!

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