Wednesday, May 25, 2005

FlashMeeting - The One Click Videoconference

The Yahoo! Videoblogging group had a FlashMeeting Videoconference last night.

Here are some notes I just sent them on problems getting started:
I was helping my mom, 79 yrs old, set this up over the phone.

1. She had Video iChat going so there was no camera on FlashMeeting. Took me 15 minutes to figure that one out. Can you make a warning that the camera is in use by another application if that's the case?

2. The Allow/Deny Camera use box is too small to see, and the drop down list is hard for an old person to figure out. After quite a while we figured out that my mom had to choose the IIDV setting , forget the exact name. Can you put in an iSight setting to make choosing a camera a lot more straightforward?

3. People do not get the fact that while they are talking, they can not hear others. They are always saying, "Can you hear me, I don't hear you talking, is this working." So there has to be a better indication that while you are talking you can't hear other people talking. Maybe add a note: STOP BROADCASTING to hear others talk to you.
It's a cool application.

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