Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lost Remote: The man behind the VJ movement

Michael Rosenblum makes it clear that local TV stations have no choice but to switch from two-person crews to one-man-bands, or video journalists:
LOST REMOTE: What is a video journalist?

ROSENBLUM: A Videojournalist is a television reporter who works alone with a small digital camera and laptop edit the way a print journalist works with a pad and pencil or a laptop. This is about reporting and authorship. As anyone can pick up a pencil and paper and try to write (or a typewriter or a wordprocessor), so we also encourage anyone with the urge and a vision to pick up a camera and an edit system and see that they can make. This is, after all, how most writers get started. TV should be the same.

LR: For a TV newsroom, what are the advantages of VJs?

ROSENBLUM: In a typical TV newsroom, there may be 70-100 employees while fielding 5-6 Betacams. This is as insane as having a newspaper with 70 reporters but only owning 5 pencils.

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