Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New York Times: No more link generator for bloggers

Here's a link to the New York Times Nick Denton Article. [ Registration Required ]

I would have used the New York Times link generator for bloggers, but it seems to be down, and has been unavailable for about a week.

They used to allow bloggers to link to the archive for free.

Is this a change in policy for them?

Maybe Dave Winer can find out for us?

Dave replied that he didn't get the link generator going.

Turns out that the link generator was coded by Aaron Swartz. I think it just added '&partner=USERLAND' to the end of NY Times links to make them free for bloggers to link to.

I've emailed him to see why the site is down.

Update II:
Aaron replies - "The hard drive died. We don't have a recent backup."

"It worked based on a massive database of URLs it had collected. There's not really any way to reconstruct that database."

Update III:
The link generator page has been updated with information saying that the bookmarklet will still work.

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