Wednesday, May 11, 2005

So we can see AND talk to each other?

I was on a worldwide videoconference of video bloggers last night.

Alex Williams from Corante set it up as part of their FeedFest, using a Flash based web videoconferencing tool called FlashMeeting.

We've talked about allowing our videos to be more than just video on a blog. We've been thinking about the next step that would allow our videos to interact with each other in some way.

After this experience, I have to say that videoblogging is so last year. ;-)

I love videoblogging and all, but the experience of seeing and hearing a group of videobloggers interact from all over the world was very exciting.

Maybe the next step is doing away with recording, log and capturing, editing, compressing, and uploading?

Live vlogcasting. That's it. It's real. You can have a conversation. You can see Eric Rice's kids.

You can hear my mom talking about videoblogging:
I love it i enjoy doing it, I enjoy looking at it, and i love to hear all the comments all the feedback that I get.

It's a real thrill to talk to all of you.

I see everyone smiling over there.

Erik Lagerway:
Millie you are a true inspiration to video bloggers worldwide
You can watch me put on funny glasses and goggles.

Those moments were a lot of fun. We also talked about videoblogging techniques, issues and projects.

Here's the link to the videocast, so you'll be able to watch the whole thing and hear the important topics we discussed.

Markus Sandy shared his thoughts on his blog.

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  1. Hi Steve. Thanks for the link. It was great to see you "live" and an honor to meet and chat with your mom.