Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Steve Garfield Show Podcast - WiFi Summit

Boston WiFi Summit
Here's an explanation of how I recorded video from the Boston WiFi Summit and uploaded it to Boston City Councillor John Tobin's blog in near real time, right from the conference using free WiFi, a GL2 camera, a Macintosh Powerbook, and

MP3 File

Boston WiFi Summit
One of the most interesting speakers at the Summit was Jock Gill. He's all about citizen media and promoting people to be more than consumers of media. He mentioned as the type of thing he'd like to see a lot more of! Then I told him that I was the Boston correspondent for Rocketboom. What a coincidence.

After the conference Michael Oh took out his powerbook and brought up John Tobin's website and we showed everyone how videos from the sessions were already up on the web.

That's true citizen media.

The more people we get out there, using technology to tell stories, the closer we will all get to seeing and hearing what really happened.

Part of what made this possible was the free WiFi that the Museum of Science provided. This is a good example of what access to free WiFi could enable citizens to create. Video reports form all over Boston of all kinds of interesting things.

We are the media.

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