Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Video production will be as easy as using a microwave oven

Video will allow more people to tell compelling stories that are not filtered by any intermediary and will be so engrossing that viewers will WANT to devote full attention to these personal stories.

Unlike mainstream media which is targeted to the majority, these niche video broadcasts will find thier dedicated passionate audience in the same way that tv viewers today faithfully program their TiVo's for shows like 24 and Alias.

There is a future out there that none of us can yet think of where people will be able to just insert themselves, in video, into programming without any of the hassle of logging, compression, uploading, etc that are hurdles to producing content today.

With just a small group of videobloggers who have taken the time to learn how to get video on the web, we are already seeing how interesting these videos can be.

When it gets as easy as using a microwave oven, we'll see a whole to group of video creators with videos that will be fun and interesting to watch.

Maybe we'll even watch them on our microwave while the food cooks, but they will be really short videos.


  1. Some day.
    Kraft Macaroni and Steve.
    Or is it Steve and Macaroni?

  2. It'll probably have to Carol and Steve nad Macaroni!