Friday, July 15, 2005

ecto supports titles in Blogger

I just downloaded the new ecto and see that Blogger made a change where ecto can now post to Blogger with titles.


Kula support forum (ecto, 1001) :: View topic - Title Behavior:
"Blogger has switched their API. The old API didn't allow for titles, the new one does. To switch, follow these directions:

1. launch ecto if it wasn't already running
2. open the Account Manager (Windows->Accounts from the menu)
3. if you already had a Blogger account, select it from the list and press the 'Edit' toolbar icon, otherwise press the 'Add' toolbar icon
4. set the 'Access Point:' field to '' and the 'System:' to 'Atom'
5. save your edit or let the configuration process finish
6. close the account manager
7. open the Entries and Drafts list (Window->Entries & Drafts->Bring To Front)
8. press the Refresh button in the bottom left of this window to retrieve a list of recent entries from your Blogger account (if it doesn't already happen automatically)

This'll let you post with titles."

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