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Monday, July 25, 2005

I demand a retraction from the New York Times

Here are some excerpts from New York Times article, Watch Me Do This and That Online, that I'd like to address:
"Another vlog, the Carol and Steve Show, in which a married couple offer up the tedium of their daily lives - shopping, driving to the gym, arguing about American Idol' - has stolen its type and its theme music from the land of sitcoms."
"Mudane is the new punk rock", Chuck Olsen.

I demand a retraction from the New York Times. Nothing was stolen. The theme music comes from Apple's Soundtrack Application, which I own. The theme music was made up from included guitar riffs that come with the package and are included for the specific purpose of using in your own productions. The theme music might have been influenced by what has come before, but that's not stealing, that's art.

The type was designed for me by Bill Dawson, the same guy who designed the intro to The Apprentice. again, not stolen. Sheesh.
"It wants to sell out, but who would buy?"
Why would you determine that I want to sell out? Because my vlog looks like tv? I like tv. I package my video blog posts in a nice wrapper that people are familiar with. That doesn't mean that I want to sell out, although if any network executives are reading this, give me a call. We'll do lunch. ;-)
"Maybe a laugh track would help."
Help you maybe, but people seem to like it the way it is.


  1. Good for you for blowing your top!


  2. you blow your top - and didn't videotape it?

    (insert laugh track)

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I'm behind you 100% -- the Times put words in your mouth. The idiot who wrote the story took a look at your titles and immediately thought "Oh, they MUST be stolen because they're far too professional to be thought up by mere mortals." Pretty presumptuous on their part. Laugh track recommendation was ridiculous. If you HAD inserted laugh tracks, I'd hazard a guess that they'd jump down your throat about it! Keep up the good work!

  4. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Thanks for the mention, Steve. For the record, I designed the logo for "The Apprentice" (you know, The Donald's head as big as the NYC skyline). I did it with the Academy Award nominated Blur Studios, who did the logo animation. But I, too, took offense to the idea that anything was "stolen". BTW "The Carol and Steve Show" type was designed by Stu Sandler of Font Diner. Go Stu!

  5. "Stole" certainly is an unfortunate term.

    I think what they should have said is that, "utilizing the conventions of the television, Steve and Carol comment on The Sitcom by producing a series of anti-sitcoms. In place of formulaic dialogue and laugh tracks, The Steve and Carol Show offers us an unscripted account of daily life."

    I'm sure that's what they meant... :)