Saturday, July 30, 2005

Make a QuickTime Reference Movie

Make a QuickTime Reference Movie
Written by Adrian Miles

For those of you using QT, and wanting to keep content on your own
server/site but also appear elsewhere, eg i want to publish in vimeo
but don’t see point in having my video in 2 places at once:

1. launch qt player
2. File - Open URL in new player….
3. enter the url of your QT movie (put in full url eg:
4. load it
5. once loaded File Save As…
6. save it as a QT file *with* dependencies (will only be a few kb).
7. give it a web sensible name (no spaces and end in .mov)
8. This is a ref. movie and it references the url. double click it
anywhere on the net and it will get the vid. from your server.
9. i upload this to vimeo.
10. presto it works, but the bandwidth is from me (so we share, and I
can remove and break it if i wish).

this has lots of uses

Adrian Miles

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