Sunday, July 17, 2005

Why do I videoblog? Part I - The Long Tail

I post video on my blog for a number of reasons.

One of the most important is my mom.

You know how mom's like to hear from their kids?

My mom likes to get phone calls to hear what I'm doing.

Well, she used to like getting regular phone calls.

Now she likes to see regular video blog posts.


Check out what I was doing over the past few weeks.

Last week I was at Macworld and made a bunch of videos about it:

David Pogue Interview, Macworld Boston 2005, Geek My Ride II: Macworld, Drive+Play, H2O Playlist.

Before that my wife and I made hamburgers on the grill and worked on my front porch:

The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 28 - Burgers and Beans, Part 2, The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 27 - Burgers and Beans, Part 1, The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 29 - The Porch, Part 1.

And before that I went out to Seattle for a conference:

Gnomedex: Seattle 2005, Video: Gnomedex - Exciting People, Video: Gnomedex - Bay Auditorium.

My videos told her the story of my life much better than I could ever do over the phone. She reads my text blog, listens to my podcasts, but videos are the thing she likes the most.

There is no way that I could ever give her the full story of what I've been doing and experiencing by talking on the phone. Even if I talked to her for 24 hours straight!

Video tells the story best... for my mom.

Check out: The Long Tail


  1. That's awesome Steve! My parents and my kids are a big reason for me to do this too. Now you should make your Mom a video about how all the videos are for her. :)

  2. You are absolutly right, even if we talked on the phone for 24 hours straight, I could not appreciate all the things that you are doing, Because you video blog, I see the people you know, the places you go, and share the excitment in your life!

    Keep it up, I love it!


  3. videoblogging is the richest person to person communication we have so far.
    doumenting your life for the future.
    imagine what it'll all look like in 20 years.
    there'll be a lot of video on the web about our lives.

  4. my mom has dialup,
    but she manages to keep up with me. :-)


  5. Truely long tail steve. I'd call it the least common denominator of the long tail, but really isn't it the best of the long tail.

    BTW, Go find Chris of 49media's secrete (well it's not really) blog to his kids. That's my favorite new blog in quite a while. A vlog made for an audience of 2, or perhaps 3. I'm not sure really. But it's te bomb.