Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Vlogs could challenge MTV or CNBC

Matthew Schifrin, Editor of Forbes, writes this about their Summer 2005 edition of Best of the web in the article, Blog Power:
"In reviewing the entries for this guide, I was especially struck by the growing movement of video bloggers, or 'vloggers', online. More and more people with digital video cameras are easily creating mini-documentaries, newscasts, parodies and 'television-like' reality series on their own. One New York City vlog, Rocketboom, reports the 'news' every morning at 9 a.m. for three minutes in an irreverent, but endearing style. It has formed alliances with other vloggers so that it effectively has correspondents in Minneapolis, Boston, LA and Switzerland.

Elsewhere online, there are video directories forming so that one day soon you will be able to click onto a 'guide' and watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Sound like Tivo? So just as 500-channel cable television disrupted the big powerful networks, thousands of vlogs could one day challenge now-thriving cable channels like MTV or CNBC."
Yeah... Blog Power.

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