Sunday, July 24, 2005

It's Socks and Sandals Music

One of my favorite videobloggers, Clark ov Saturn, makes music under the name Socks and Sandals. I've seen him use music by Socks and Sandals in his videos but never made the connection that this is Clark's band.

Clark explains:
SOCKS AND SANDALS was first concieved as a strictly "live and laptopless" techno band in the summer of 2002 by Clark ov Saturn and Sean Smith. After a few years of attention-grabbing gigs throughout the bars, warehouses and boats of NYC and the Northeast, they are currently retooling their live setup and getting down to recording some tracks. SOCKS AND SANDALS's musical style is raw and weird minimal techno with a heavy emphasis on danceable grooves. The live show is always fun, involving improvised vocals and live sampling.
Love and Cush Records.

Download their song Schnee at Love and Cush.

Get their song Lover from Microcosm Music at

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  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    (TYPO) it's minlove not "minilove"...