Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Carol and Steve are punk rockers

NYTimes takes on videoblogging… and misses.:
"The Steve and Carol show... “borrows” as much from TV as it borrows from any other culturally relevant experience, though mostly from regular old mundane life. That’s exactly why it’s relevant — not because it wants to sell us on a blockbuster lifestyle, but because it simply wants to share with us a lifestyle we all know and can relate to — the mundane lifestyle. Weeding the flower bed on the front lawn is not the stuff of American Idol. It’s the stuff of Steve and Carol, and — despite its lack of blockbuster production quality — it’s curiously compelling, and it’s something that I’ll wager more people could relate to than whatever tripe “reality TV” is coming up with these days."
Mundane is the new punk rock.

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