Saturday, July 30, 2005

How to Start a Blogger Blog

Go over to and start a free blog.

See: How do I create a blog that Blogger will host for free? for all the details.

You can host your new blog over on their servers, or you can host it on a hosting company of your own.

If you use their free hosting service, blogspot, you won’t be able to store images, audio, or movie files over there. You’ll have to host them somewhere else like your own host or the internet archive.

You’ll use blogspot if your hosting provider won’t allow blogger blogs hosted over there. Some examples of hosting providers that don’t support blogspot are: .mac, Comcast, and AOL.

You’ll still be able to link to your video files from your blog, but they’ll just be saved somewhere else.


If you’ve got a hosting provider that supports FTP, then you can host your blogger blog over on your own host. That way, you’ll be able to use blogger to upload images, audio, or movie files onto your host.

Here are some hosting provider options

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