Monday, July 11, 2005

Robert X. Cringely is becomming a videoblogger

Robert X. Cringely on videoblogging:
"'There is something that is being totally missed by these people and that's production values. Look at the viewership of cable access channels -- almost zip. And that's simply because the programming is so crappy. Money shows in TV and the more you spend per hour the better it looks, which is why people will still be watching network TV. Now there are exceptions. I like to think that my own stuff is generally better than it ought to be for the money involved, but I'm an exception. There will be other exceptions, too. But for the most part there WON'T be exceptions and most of the video bloggers will be blogging to themselves. I see this as growing to be at most three to five percent of the market. Now it can be a very important three to five percent, talking to a very valuable audience about very important topics, but it won't replace 'Seinfeld.''"

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