Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thompson’s Water Seal now comes in colors

Our deck's natural color was very, very faded, so after cleaning it, and looking for a deck sealer, I found out that Thompson’s Water Seal now comes in colors.
"Thompson's Water Seal Advanced Tinted Wood Protector adds beautiful sheer color to wood in a maximum strength patented waterproofing formula."
Sheer Honey Gold is a little darker than the image on the Thompson's site, but it looks nice.


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    It's a disaster! Worst product on the market for your deck. We applied one coat - and it semi-dried on the surface. A year later, any time the sun comes out it's sticky to walk on - a real mess. Our 1400 foot deck is useless. We've spent over a week stripping it with BIX. Dont be fooled by "colors" or "Tints". This isn't the Thompson's we've installed for years. I'd like to start a class-action against Thompsons for this.... If you have a similar story, email me:

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    you must be an attorney.

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  4. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Did my deck in Thompson color Nut Meg. My deck is now faded and understand they do not make Nutmeg any more and there is nothing eles that will cover over Thompson. They tell me I will have to sand the whole deck to use any other product.

  5. "Sheer natural cedar" was quite dark and much redder than the online sample.Actually, it looked more like their "sheer rustic red" sample.

    Also, VERY IMPORTANT. Apply from one end of a board to the other. I applied the product to the end of the deck boards that extended under the rail and then covered the rest of the deck boards. It left a dark, smudgy area where I started & stopped. I guess I should have anticipated, but that piece of info would have been nice in the instructions. BTW, Thompsons says I can used Simple Green degreaser to take off the excess product.

  6. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Don't use the new "milky white" VOC formula (clear, 1 gallon cans)! It is an entirely different mix...almost ruined my 4" x 4" Sante Fe , Mexican tiles I use to make outdoor, decorative table tops! I usually soak these clay tiles overmight in a bucket and let them soak up the old, traditional, clear formula of Thompsons Water Seal. The original sealer was a great product, and weatherproofs the tile even in freezing weather...not the new VOC...left a tacky, glue like film on both sides, almost impossible to remove!