Friday, December 02, 2005

$150 Rebate on iMac at

This is so tempting.

The new Apple 20" iMac is now discounted at AND has a $150 rebate.

Note to self:
Crucial recommends these memory upgrades for the iMac (G5-2.1GHz, 20-inch) DDR2.

I have the new Final Cut Studio which includes Final Cut 5, Motion 2, DVD Studio Pro 4, and Soundtrack Pro, but can't use it on my 667Mhz PowerBook. Too slow.

Ravi recently bought a new iMac and then a few days later a newer iMac came out.

MacWorld is coming next month and Carol suggests waiting.

Joshua is expecting faster processor speeds.

The Quad Desktop looks sweet, Rumors report that an INTEL box on the way, but it sounds like an INTEL based iBook will be first.

What would you do?


  1. The sad truth is you can't really time these things.

    I did all the research I could and there was no buzz about any new iMac. And then one week after we got our iMac, "ta-da"!, a new one comes out.

    The whole switch over to Intel is however something that should be monitored, but I don't know if you want to wait that long?

    We figured we needed a new machine and we'd get one to bridge us over until the Intel Mac changeover had happened and all kinks worked out (so we're hoping for three years out of our machine).

    Since MacWorld is coming up, why not wait until then -- and then make your decision (whether anything exciting and new is revealed or not).

    It does seem that Apple offers discounts when they are trying to get rid of stock -- so maybe that's a clue?

  2. Don't always chase the tech-tail. Are you really maxing out what you own now? Honest? Or is it PC envy? Or tech seduction? Or.....

  3. I'm waiting for the intel powerbook!