Saturday, December 24, 2005

TOP TEN of 2005

TV Show that I watched on TiVo
- The Office, US Version
Hey, it won me over. Runners up: LOST, Extras, Curb

Coverage of videoblogging by the media
- I Like To Watch, Mike Milliard, The Boston Phoenix 12/15/05

Tech Un-Conference I attended
- TIE: Vloggercon 1/22/05
- Gnomedex, Seattle June 23-25 [ Video 1, 2 ].

Videoblog site I developed
- It's JerryTime!

- Best CD: Imogen Heap, Speak For Yourself. I have her new CD on my iPod, Mac, bedside CD radio, and in both cars.
- Best Concert: - U2 TD Banknorth Garden [ Video ]

- Sandals [ Video ]
- Runner up, Nantucket. [ Videos 1, 2, 3 ]

Rocketboom Report
- MIT Time Traveller Convention. [ Video ]

Business Trip
- Apple, Akimbo, Eric Rice.

Berkman Weblog Meeting
- The ICA Art Mob [ Video featured on Rocketboom ]

- Nautica
YKK makes a horrible zipper. It was ok until I got my new Nautica jeans and discovered how a zipper with more area to hold on to made a huge difference. Think about it. You wouldn't know you hated your zipper, if all you knew up until this point was a crappy little zipper.

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