Friday, December 16, 2005

RAZR V3c , Mac and iSync

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Well i have finally figured out how to sync my contacts and calenders via bluetooth on my G4 Powerbook and CDMA razr v3c
This might come in handy unless Apple has already updated iSync to include the RAZR V3c.

Apple iSync page.

To get the new version it looks like I need to upgrade my OS. Not sure if I need to do all this if I find a USB cable...

There's this too, OnSync 1.12 - A mobile phone's contacts synchronizer for MacOS X.

And this, Datapilot.

MotoModders Forum

Motorola Razr reviews.

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  1. Update:
    I tried to Sync but it didn't work.

    It seemes that I need to upgrade to Tiger and the newest iSync.

    I'm still on 10.3.9