Sunday, December 18, 2005

We've Met the Media, and the Media is Us

An Interview With jadelr and Cristina Cordova of the vlog Chasing Windmills:
"Vlognik: So these characters are not you then? This is not autobiography?

Cordova: Nope.

jadelr: No.

Cordova: It draws from real situations, as does most fiction, but NO thank god they are not us, we're not that interesting or amusing really... or disturbing.

As for our characters: Normal people censor thoughts, act in a more socially acceptable manner. Our characters act out the random thoughts many of us have, but know not to act upon (most of the time). That's what makes it amusing (we hope) and something to which we can all relate (we hope)... at least that's the idea."
I'm glad to hear that the characters are not the actors.

Chasing Windmills.

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