Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Resolutions for 2006

This is not an exclusive list, but one that contains some of the major areas that I plan on working on in 2006.

1. Direct Shipment of Wine to Massachusetts
Thankfully Governor Romney defeated the restrictive bill that was sent to him at the end of the year. Hopefully a better version will come out in the new year. I'll continue to contact my legislators and express my views, even though some of them don't want to hear from me. [ Free the Grapes ]

2. No Parking on Storrow Drive
Every summer, a few hundred cars are allowed to park along Storrow Drive during outdoor events. This disrupts thousands of people trying to get through the city. It is insane! It must stop! I will not rest until parking on Storrow Drive is stopped.

3. Change for Change
Our coinage is stupid. There are no numerals on there. Take a look at the Euro for a good example of how coinage should be designed. I will not rest until US Currency gets numbers on it. 5/10/25/50 Yay! [ Change for Change ]

4. Rocketboom
I produced a number of field reports for Rocketboom from Boston this year and plan do produce a lot more. I'm looking for interesting and quirky technology stories.

5. Node 101 and Citizen Media
I'm going to set up a local citizens media gathering place in Jamaica Plain at Sweet Finnish. It'll be a place for people to learn about videoblogging and citizen media. People will be taken through the continuum: watch, learn, create, and teach. Watch for more details after the first of the year.
[ Node101, Center for Citizen Media, Pulse Point ]

6. Bank of America
Ever since bank of America swallowed Fleet Bank, service has declined. In contrast to Bank of America's TV commercials stating that their goal is to make ATM transactions faster, ATM transaction now take a lot longer. Fleet bank used to have a Fleet Cash option to deduct a previously saved amount from your account by entering your PIN and then pressing Fleet Cash. Now you have to enter your PIN and press a whole bunch of menu items and buttons to get cash out of the ATM. It's not faster, it's slower. Also, you can't get stamps anymore. I've contacted them in many different ways and will not rest until they fix this.

7. Videoblogging Education
I will continue to teach videoblogging at CCTV in Cambridge and work with Ravi Jain to enhance the class with the goal of taking it on the road.

8. I Subscribe To People Video Network
The big idea here is to create a network of shows that are an alternative to big media. I'll be working with local comedians, musicians, writers and creative people to develop a regular schedule of shows. Contact me if you are interested.
[ I Subscribe To People ]

9. Behind the scenes reporting
I really enjoyed some of the behind the scenes video projects that I worked on last year including the video reports that I did for [ 1, 2 ] I'm looking to do more of the same in 2006.

10. Photography
Although I'm focused on video, I plan to spend more time learning how to use the advanced features of my digital camera. Back in the old days all you had to know was speed and aperture. [ flickr ]


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I look forward to meeting you and Ravi "on the road". I just hope I can clear a day off with my boss....

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I'm with you on the coins. Even after living in the US for five months I was still confused by the coins. The nickel being larger physically than the dime didn't compute and I would continually give the wrong change to cashiers.

    How about getting rid of the penny since it's useless and phase out one dollar bills? Having a 2-dollar coin would be nice too.