Friday, December 16, 2005

Where is The Digital Wave Taking Us?

WGBH Forum Network - XWhaves: Where is The Digital Wave Taking Us?":
"XWhaves is a new component of the Woods Hole Film Festival that offers filmmakers an opportunity to reflect on the impact of new technological developments on the shape and nature of filmmaking. Join members of the new media revolution in an active, open discussion of citizen journalism, personal media, video blogging and the convergence of digital storytelling methods with a new era of novel, inexpensive worldwide distribution and other aspects of the ever-changing landscape of how content gets delivered."
Watch the video.


  1. Anonymous2:49 AM

    wow, you are on top of vlogging...
    where do you find the time to keep all your sites polished and always a new oh man...go Steve!!

  2. Hey Nathan,


    I make time. It's really important to me.

    You know how sometimes you are in the middle of something big, and don't realize it until years later. Then you look back and think, "If I only knew what was going on, I would have done this or that."

    Well that's how I feel about vlogging. It's really a huge shift in the ability for people to share their stories, so that's why I want to keep on top of all the changes that are happening every day.

    This post is from the summer though and they just got the video up recently, so it's kind of like a freebie!