Friday, December 30, 2005

Year in Review Meme

Abby gets me to participate in this Year in Review Meme with this post:
I went in search of a Year in Review Meme, and one seemed kind of neat. It suggests taking your first post from each month of the year, then taking the last section of it and posting it all in a single list. So that’s what I’m doing. Right… NOW!
As I'm going through my posts from the past year, only looking at the first post from each month, where I actually wrote something, I'm finding alot of interesting things:

1. Reality TV puts real people in artificial situations. It's time for a show featuring real people in real situations.

2. I wonder how long it'll take for Oprah to call (my mom)?

3. Now I'm taking my own advice and backing up my whole hard disk.

4. Imagewell is worth the trip over there. This tiny application is going to save me 8,000 hours creating blog posts.

5. Allowing people to park on Storrow Drive is stupid.

6. Carol never thought The Carol and Steve Show would get on TV.

7. In this episode, Steve shows Carol how to start up the Weber Grill. Sparks fly!

8. We are going to get every single person on the panel and in the room to see that the future of easily sharing stories with video is here now with videoblogging.

9. Rockstar INXS is my favorite TV show right now. It's the one show that I watch almost live. After my TiVo records about 20 minutes of it, I'm watching.

10. Working with feels fluid.

11. I love Imogen Heap.

12. The iTunes Music Store now features video podcasts.

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