Thursday, December 22, 2005

Define Videoblogging in one sentence

Videoblogging is an easy way for people to post their stories to the internet.

Videoblogging - Adding video to a blog.
- See Videoblogs on Squidoo.

Easy - Blogging makes it easy. No coding involved.
- See

People - Any one can do it. No big media needs to be involved.
- See Videoblogging Universe.

Post - By posting your video to a blog, others will be able to link to it. Each blog entry has a permanent link. Each post also allows comments, so discussions can take place about what you have posted.
- See this post's comments. Add yours.

Stories - Everyone has a story to tell. Up till now, they've been stored in shoeboxes. With videobloging these stories can have an audience.
- See MeFeedia.

Internet - These stories can now be viewed by a worldwide audience.
- See VlogMap.

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