Thursday, December 15, 2005

City officials encourage giant video pollution

Sasha Talcott wrote about plans for a huge video wall on the TD Banknorth Garden, Giant video eyed for wall of Garden - The Boston Globe:
"Garden executives said they originally proposed a smaller billboard, but city officials wanted one that was larger. The long banner display also was not in the original plan, Garden officials said."
Why are city officials encouraging the owners of the Garden to increase the size of their proposed video wall?

It's just more eye pollution. It's like when I'm driving down the VFW Parkway, why do I need to see a humongous billboard staring me in the face at every turn?
The Garden plans to use two-thirds of the time for advertisements, with the rest devoted to promotions of the teams, Garden events and public service announcements.
If this video wall does get approved, how about giving some air time to local artists? I know some video artists that would be happy to have their work showcased. At least that would reduce the amount of advertising that we'd be subjected to.

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  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    If this were elsewhere, I'd agree. But in this location, it's an ugly blank wall that would greatly benefit from being covered by anything at all. I'd actually like to see a bigger sign, or multiple screens, to cover the entire wall.

    And yes, giving some of it over to local video artists is an excellent idea.