Monday, December 12, 2005

RAZR V3c on Verizon

RAZR V3c debuts on Verizon - Engadget.

Can I transfer movies to my Mac?

Can I email a recorded movie to an email address instead of Verizon's proprietary website? I've emailed their tech support, but have gotten no response yet. The site seems to indicate that you can:
with getFLIX, e-mail can be more than just text. You can send Video Messages from your phone to an e-mail address.
Howard Mobile Phone Forums.

RAZR V3c - Verizon Wireless Official Site.

RAZR V3c - Motorola Official Site.

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  1. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website. My name is Kelley, and I am delighted to assist you regarding the operation of the Razr handset.

    The Motorola Razr handset does have the capability to send video messages.

    Video Messaging serves as an extension to our existing Picture Messaging (Get Pix) service. With this service you will have the ability to take videos anywhere, and the accessibility to share video with family and friends while in the National Enhanced Services coverage area.

    Video Messaging includes the following functionality:
    · Capture a video and record up to 15-seconds of video clips
    · Store a video
    · Send a video message to any valid email address
    · Upload to On-line Photo Album (Pix Place)
    · Send a video message to other VZW video messaging-capable handsets
    · Send a video message to legacy (non-camera) phones

    There are several Video/Picture Messaging pricing options available. Keep in mind airtime applies when sending Picture and Video Messages.
    1. Picture/Video Messaging Pay As You Go
    · No Monthly Access Fee
    · No messages are included
    · $.25 per Picture Messages/Video Messages sent or received

    2. Picture/Video Messaging 20 PIX/FLIX Pack
    · $2.99 a month
    · 20 Monthly Message Allowance
    · $.25 per additional Picture Messages/Video Messages sent or received

    3. Picture/Video Messaging 40 PIX/FLIX Pack
    · $4.99 a month
    · 40 Monthly Message Allowance
    · $.25 per additional Picture Messages/Video Messages sent or received

    As an added convenience, I have also included a list of frequently used self-serve options for making your payment easier, and simplifying the management of your wireless account. Please note that the numbers listed below are all toll and airtime free.

    #768 - #PMT is used to make payments with our automated system
    *228 - used to update your PRL or program your handset
    #646 - #MIN provides estimate of the local minutes used
    #225 - #BAL allows you to check bill balance/recent payment history
    *611 - Customer Service and Technical Support
    #3282 - #DATA allows you to check Data Usage

    It has been a pleasure assisting you today, and we appreciate your business. Please write to us again through if you have any further questions.


    Verizon Wireless
    Customer Service

    "We never stop working for you!"