Monday, December 12, 2005

Rocketboom on TiVo via the web

Could This Woman Drive Broadband TV?:
"... thanks largely to Ms. Congdon's kooky but comely style, Rocketboom is generating 100,000 visitors a day, according to Sunday's New York Times. PC and video iPod owners are making Rocketboom's video blogs a daily part of their lives.

The video blogging site is doing so well, in fact, that TiVo has agreed to include Rocketboom in its directory so its DVR owners can watch it on television."
That's not actually true.

You can't subscribe to Rocketboom with your TiVo remote.

You've got to go to a TiVo web page, to subscribe, by entering in your TiVo Manage My Account email address and TiVo Service Number.

But before that you've got to get your TiVo online via an Ethernet connection, instead of the default phone line connection.

I'm not set up that way, so I'd need to get an Ethernet connection for my TiVo to try it.

Update from the TiVo site, :

"To subscribe to Rocketboom, you can go to, or go to the Showcases area on TiVo Central. "

So I guess you can subscribe with your TiVo remote.

Update II from TiVo
"Thank you for visiting! Sign-ups for Rocketboom as part of the TiVo Video Download trial are currently closed. Please check the Showcases area in the TiVo Central menu on your TiVo DVR for other exciting content available through the TiVo Video Download trial. "

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