Tuesday, December 06, 2005

U2 Screen Captured

U2 Screen Captured by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

U2 at the TD BankNorth Garden 12/05/05

Carol and I went to see U2 last night.

It was a fun time. The guy sitting beside me had seen U2 24 times previously. At one point he says, "Sunday Bloody Sunday is next."

Thanks a lot mister for ruining the movie for me. ;-)

Some people might like to be surprised by what song comes up next.

I enjoyed hearing U2 cover the Talking Heads/Al Green, The Clash and The Beatles.

Bono loves the crowd and the crowd loves him. Reminds me of a concert I saw with Bruce Springsteen one time.

It's funny how audio and video recording equipment is prohibited from the show, and everyone is recording with digital cameras and cell phones.

I'd like to see all the media that was created last night.

I also liked how everyone held up their glowing cell phones when Bono asked the crowd to message Just like that TV commercial.

Above the stage was a projection system highlighting each member of the band. The quality was amazing for the low light conditions.

I really enjoyed the encores. We sailed out of the parking garage, from the bottom level, because we left with one song to go.

Not many people leave a U2 concert early.

I posted some U2 video clips on my video blog.


  1. Funny that about the cell phones and recording devices. What are they going to do when a cell phone records full DV quality video? Are they going to take it away?
    Anyway, why did you leave early? I didn't get that part.

  2. We just left with one song to go so we could get out of the garage. We were on the bottom level, #5.