Thursday, January 05, 2006

David Pogue at 2006 CES

David Pogue is going to the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show and files his first report from the air:
CES is dream come true for electronics nuts, because you get to see every scrap of every cool new electronic gadgetry from every corner of the earth--some that's for sale now, some that will be arriving in stores in 2006 or later, and some, thank goodness, that will never see the light of day. But CES is also a nightmare. Over 2,500 companies are on display, spread out on multiple buildings with show floors the size of continents.

The show lasts four days (Thursday through Sunday). So by my calculations, you'd pretty much have to visit 52 booths an hour to see it all. That's less than a minute per booth--without stopping for lunch, conversations, demos, meetings, keynote talks or bathroom breaks.
I love David Pogue.

I'm heading out to CES tomorrow and will only have two days to see everything, and by my calculations that will be 156 booths per hour. HA!

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