Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Comcast: Where's Your TiVo?

I just blogged my customer service experience with Comcast over on BostonNOW, Steve Garfield is the Media - Comcast: Where's Your TiVo?:
"Comcast: Where’s Your TiVo?

Comcast’s DVR is the worst and I’d be happy to get a TiVo software upgrade to it, but no one it telling us when that is going to happen.

I have to resort to message boards from customers all over the US who are getting conflicting answers that say it could be out this year or 2008.

TiVo has a sweet feature that lets you see ahead about five seconds, so that when you stop fast forwarding, you’re exactly where you want to be. The Comcast DVR doesn’t work this way.

When will we see TiVo software onthe Comcast DVR?

I just had an online chat with Deborah, a Comcast Service rep."
Click the link to read the whole sad story of my chat with Comcast customer service.

Eric Rice got me going on this issue...

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  1. That's an awful story. Typical of what we expect from cable companies, right? To be fair though, I've called Comcast 3 times during the times I've been a customer, once for an outage, and twice for things like moving etc… and each time I've had a very positive experience. Maybe you should stick to the phone… I bet they put the more incompetent reps on the chat… easier to hide.