Sunday, May 20, 2007

Family Winemakers' lawsuit against Massachusetts progresses

I just watched a great report by Channel 5's Janet Wu on the problems with the current direct ship wine law in Massachusetts. [ video ]

Here's an online text version of Wu's story, Mass. Law Restricts Shipping Wine Into State:
The Commonwealth's restrictive law does appear to be keeping out-of-state wineries at bay. In 2006, only 12 small out-of-state wineries sought licenses to ship to Massachusetts.
The current direct ship law is a joke.

The State of Massachusetts is being sued over it.

From Family Winemakers of California:
The Family Winemakers lawsuit against the State of Massachusetts, on behalf of its member wineries, continues to progress. FWC sued to overturn the state's 30,000-gallon production cap, which prevents many out-of-state wineries from shipping to Massachusetts consumers. The case is expected to go to summary judgment in early fall 2007. Click here to view the complaint.

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